Bequal pilot workshop in Espoo, Finland (in Finnish)

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Excellence Finland invites representatives of VET-organizations to benchmark their operations internationally on April 26th. The workshop will be held at 9 AM, followed by a talk on EQAVET and quality assurance in auditing in VET.

Please see this link to register.

BEQUAL dissemination seminar in Riga (in Latvian)

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Invitation to the seminar

Transnational meeting of project in Greece

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From 21st – 22nd of March project partners gathered in Piraeus, Greece for the 4th transnational meeting of project BEQUAL to overview the progress of current project activities and to discuss our further steps.

Let us remind that BEQUAL is a European portal dedicated to the quality procedures in Vocational Education and Training (VET) as well as to benchmarking between peers, and one of the most important part of the BEQUAL platform is the benchmarking tool that allows to identify VET organization’s relatively strong and weak points and helps focusing on quality improvement. During the meeting, project partners tested the benchmarking tool developed within our project to ascertain the intended quality and functionality of the tool.

Partners also agreed on the next phase of the project – the pilot testing of the benchmarking tool that will be carried out in each project partner country in May. Each country will organize a workshop for VET organizations in order to attract those interested with the tool's capabilities and its benefits. Vocational education and training providers will be invited to try and test the benchmarking tool, then giving an evaluation of it’s clarity and usefulness.

To keep track of the quality of vocational training in your organization, we encourage VET providers to engage in testing of the benchmarking tool by contacting the project partner organization in your country.
Find out more about BEQUAL project and other information related to the development of VET in your country and elsewhere in Europe in our official webpage as well as on our FACEBOOK .

Janík, T. et al. (2013). Quality (in) education: content focused approach to analysing and improving instruction. Brno: Masaryk University

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The book introduces the concept of content-focused approach to analysing and improving instruction. Compared to current approaches, the focus on the content dimension of learning processes, which is the core of didactics, is more consistent. Didactics deals with the issue how to effectively teach and learn what is considered culturally worthy and personally meaningful, hence the focus on educational content. Educational content is not understood as a static set of items (to be) memorized, but as the overall educational potential of disciplines that pupils encounter during their time at school. The book appertains to the slogan quality of/in education. Quality is understood from the dynamic point of view – with regard to how teachers plan, realize, and evaluate instruction. The regard for quality – as the distinction between better and worse in the professional sense – is accompanied by consideration and justification of alternatives. With the aim in mind to offer teachers-reflective practitioners a systematic method for improving instruction based on its reflection, this book introduces the method of AAA (annotation, analysis and alteration). The method is illustrated with ten didactic case studies from different disciplines of school education with the prospect of generalization across domains. The authors believe that the book opens the way towards the improvement of instruction based on reflection, and with time towards a new (productive) culture of teaching and learning.

Noslēdzies projekts “Nozaru kvalifikācijas sistēmas izveide un profesionālās izglītības efektivitātes un kvalitātes paaugstināšana”

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2015. gada nogalē noslēdzās Eiropas Sociālā fonda projekts "Nozaru kvalifikācijas sistēmas izveide un profesionālās izglītības efektivitātes un kvalitātes paaugstināšana". Projektu īstenoja Valsts izglītības attīstības aģentūra (VIAA) sadarbībā ar Latvijas darba devēju konfederāciju (LDDK), Latvijas Brīvo arodbiedrību savienību (LBAS) un Valsts izglītības satura centru (VISC). Projekta īstenošanas laiks: no 2010. gada 1. decembra līdz 2015. gada 30. novembrim.
Projekta mērķis: profesionālās izglītības kvalitātes un efektivitātes uzlabošana atbilstoši tautsaimniecības nozaru attīstības vajadzībām. Projekta rezultātā ir izveidota patstāvīgi strādājoša, kvalitatīva, tautsaimniecības nozaru attīstības vajadzībām atbilstoša profesionālās izglītības nodrošinājuma sistēma.

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