Dans cette section,  vous pouvez faire part, dans votre langue nationale ou de préfrence en Anglais, de vos remarques réflexions et suggestions sur tout ce qui a trait à la formation professionelle et au management de sa qualité.

Vous pourrez être ainsi en relation avec des milliers de collègues à vous, issus de tous les pays européens.Ceux-ci pourront vous répondre et vous faire part de leur point de vue sur les mêmes sujets ou des sujets voisins.

Briefing note - Quality: a requirement for generating trust in qualifications

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Source: http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/publications/21183.aspx



Great interest in piloting BEQUAL tool in Bulgaria

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3 piloting seminars have been held in Bulgaria in the period 15 February- 07 March 2013. Their purpose was to test the application of the adapted benchmarking tool in Bulgaria, to observe the feedback of the users in order to discover potential problems and/or errors and to define the areas for improve the benchmarking tool. The seminars were held in Plovdiv, Pleven and Sofia and were visited by 75 VET providers (principals of VET high schools, colleges and managers of centers for vocational education and training). Having the questions, reactions, and follow-up conversations with the managers of VET institutions, we consider that there is a significant potential for incorporation of quality assurance tools in VET.

Piloting of the Benchmarking tool in Italy

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From January till March 2013 the piloting of the Benchmarking tool was done in Italy.

15 individual meetings with VET centres and Vocational schools of Tuscany were fixed and fulfilled. The meetings had place partly in locations of the VET providers and partly in ASEV’s premises.

One VET institution was interviewed telephonically and then by mail.

So totally ASEV has managed to reach 16 VET centres and vocational schools from the following cities: Empoli, Florence, Pontedera, Pistoia, Livorno, Bagno a Ripoli, Prato, Colle di Val’Elsa and Genova, which belong to the following types of VET institutions: lower secondary vocational education and training – 4; post secondary non-tertiary vocational education and training – 2; higher vocational education – 4; further education and training – 6.


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On 6 February 2013 Ms Milda Spelyte-Letuliene, Education Attaché for the Permanent Representation of Lithuanian to the EU, presented the preliminary ideas on the priorities on education and training of the upcoming Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. This information note develops on the main directions the Council will head to for the 2nd semester 2013.

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Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) - call for proposals 2013

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The DG Education and Culture has announced the Lifelong Learning Programme call for proposals 2013. This year's strategic priorities are the same with the 2012 ones:

  1. Develop strategies for lifelong learning and mobility
  2. Encourage cooperation between the worlds of education, training and work
  3. Support initial and continuous training of teachers, trainers and education and training institutions' managers
  4. Promote the acquisition of key competences throughout  the education and training system
  5. Promote social inclusion and gender equality in education and training, including the integration of migrants and Roma

The deadlines to keep in mind are:

Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility 03/12/2012
Comenius, Grundtvig: in-service training 16/01/2013, 30/04/2013 and 17/09/2013
Comenius Assistantships 31/01/2013
Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig: multilateral projects, networks and accompanying measures 31/01/2013
Leonardo da Vinci: multilateral projects for the Transfer of Innovation 31/01/2013
Leonardo da Vinci: Mobility (including the Leonardo da Vinci mobility certificate); Erasmus: Intensive Language Courses (EILC) 01/02/2013
Jean Monnet programme 15/02/2013
Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig: partnerships; Comenius: Comenius Regio partnerships; Grundtvig: workshops 21/02/2013
Erasmus: intensive programmes (IP), students mobility for studies and placements (including the Erasmus consortium placement certificate) and staff mobility (teaching assignments and staff training) 08/03/2013
Grundtvig: Assistantships, Senior Volunteering Projects 28/03/2013
Transversal programme: Key activity 1 — Study visits 28/03/2013 and 15/10/2013
Transversal programme: all other activities 28/02/2013

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