Innovative tool for Ensuring Quality in VET Networks (VETWORKS)


The Lifelong Learning VETWORKS project transfers the SPEAK instrument in six countries (Austria, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain and Hungary). SPEAK system is an innovative tool for strategic planning, evaluation and knowledge management for projects realised in the area of Vocational Education and Training. SPEAK provides a multi-stakeholder approach to national VET networks and advances their effectiveness and efficiency by using the European common quality assurance framework as a reference framework for implementation. In accordance with the Helsinki goals, the project will improve educational planning and training delivery within local, regional and sectoral VET networks in order to become a world quality reference and develop a common culture of quality improvement.

The SPEAK instrument has been developed in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci project E-VAL II, implemented in 2002-2005. In EVAL 4, SPEAK has been has been tested and validated in collaboration with VET institutes and stakeholders.

SPEAK is a participatory evaluation and management support methodology. It offers organisations and projects a set of tools to build a deeper understanding of the relationship between efforts and results and to enhance planning for the future and in the process pro-actively engages the ongoing participation of stakeholders.

A key part of SPEAK is a software package, tailored to each user. Implementing the SPEAK system involves an intensive design phase consisting of a number of workshops with project staff, network members, relevant policymakers and programme managers. During these workshops, the projects are facilitated to design their own version, followed by participatory training sessions and ongoing support activities. SPEAK is designed to work at two levels, within the project and at an aggregated level within a network or programme.