Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) - call for proposals 2013


The DG Education and Culture has announced the Lifelong Learning Programme call for proposals 2013. This year's strategic priorities are the same with the 2012 ones:

  1. Develop strategies for lifelong learning and mobility
  2. Encourage cooperation between the worlds of education, training and work
  3. Support initial and continuous training of teachers, trainers and education and training institutions' managers
  4. Promote the acquisition of key competences throughout  the education and training system
  5. Promote social inclusion and gender equality in education and training, including the integration of migrants and Roma

The deadlines to keep in mind are:

Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility 03/12/2012
Comenius, Grundtvig: in-service training 16/01/2013, 30/04/2013 and 17/09/2013
Comenius Assistantships 31/01/2013
Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig: multilateral projects, networks and accompanying measures 31/01/2013
Leonardo da Vinci: multilateral projects for the Transfer of Innovation 31/01/2013
Leonardo da Vinci: Mobility (including the Leonardo da Vinci mobility certificate); Erasmus: Intensive Language Courses (EILC) 01/02/2013
Jean Monnet programme 15/02/2013
Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig: partnerships; Comenius: Comenius Regio partnerships; Grundtvig: workshops 21/02/2013
Erasmus: intensive programmes (IP), students mobility for studies and placements (including the Erasmus consortium placement certificate) and staff mobility (teaching assignments and staff training) 08/03/2013
Grundtvig: Assistantships, Senior Volunteering Projects 28/03/2013
Transversal programme: Key activity 1 — Study visits 28/03/2013 and 15/10/2013
Transversal programme: all other activities 28/02/2013